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                                                                      雙球CASE SHOW



                                                                      簡介:【新品】球墨法蘭雙球橡膠接頭“不易生銹” Ductile flange double ball rubber joint "not easy to rust". 上海淞江減震器集團有限公司官方網站為您介紹:【新品】球墨法蘭雙球橡膠接頭“不易生銹”信息,淞江......

                                                                      Ductile flange double ball rubber joint "not easy to rust".

                                                                      The official website of Shanghai Meijiang Shock Absorber Group Co., Ltd. introduces to you: [new product] Dual-ball Rubber Joint of Ductile Graphite Flange "not easy to rust" information. Meijiang Group provides customers with a new type of Dual-ball Rubber Joint of Ductile Graphite Flange. The flange is made of QT450 Ductile Iron. The material has good plasticity and toughness. The field of pipe fittings is very popular.


                                                                      To understand the type of double ball rubber joint, please click.




                                                                      QT450 ductile iron introduction:
                                                                      For ductile iron with ferrite type, toughness and plasticity are high. At low temperature, toughness changes to brittleness, but low temperature impact value is higher, and has certain resistance to temperature acute change and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in agricultural machinery, such as plough, plough column, differential case, etc. It is also used as valve body, high and low pressure cylinder in general machinery, steel cap of transmission line, etc.
                                                                      Ductile iron is a kind of carbon which exists in the form of spherical graphite. Its mechanical properties are much better than gray iron and close to steel. It has excellent casting, cutting and wear resistance. It has certain elasticity and is widely used in manufacturing high-grade castings such as crankshafts, gears, pistons and many kinds of mechanical parts.


                                                                      The advantages of double ball rubber joints are:
                                                                      1, the design of the product itself is longer than that of the single ball type, and has good damping and noise reduction effects.
                                                                      2. It has good performance of telescopic displacement.
                                                                      3, the service life is longer than that of the single ball.
                                                                      4, the probability of using double ball rubber joints abroad is greater than that of single ball rubber joints.
                                                                      5, small volume, light weight, good elasticity, easy installation and maintenance.
                                                                      6. After installation, the transverse, axial and angular displacement caused by vibration of pipeline can be absorbed; it is not restricted by the dissymmetry of pipeline and the non-parallel flange.
                                                                      7, after installation, it can reduce the vibration and noise generated by pipes and pumps.
                                                                      8. Internal seamless high-pressure rubber joints, choose different rubber materials in high-temperature, acid-alkali resistance, oil-resistant pipelines to effectively prevent the corrosive medium on the rubber joints of the corrosion of the inner wall, improve service life.
                                                                      9. It has good comprehensive performance, so it is widely used in chemical industry, construction, water supply, drainage, petroleum, light and heavy industries, refrigeration, sanitation, water heating, fire protection, electricity and other basic projects.
                                                                      10. According to the different materials can be made into acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, high temperature-resistant, radiation-resistant, wear-resistant, aging-resistant and other varieties, adapt to a variety of media and environment.

                                                                      2018 pump valve exhibition site


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